Stunt Performer Profile


Santa Clarita, CA 91380

Service Number: 818-769-1777

Cell Number: 818-769-1777


  • Reels
  • physical traits
  • measurements
  • actors doubled
  • Gender: Male
    Height: 5' 10"
  • weight: 170 lbs.
    Eyes: Blue
    hair: Light Brown
  • Waist: 32 "
    Inseam: 31 "
    Coat/Dress Size: 40 R
  • Shirt: 16 X 32
    Shoe: 10
    Hat: 7 1/8
  • Glove: med/lg
  • Mike Vogel
  • Chris Cooper
Film Credits
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Grown Ups 2 Stunts & Rigging Scott Rogers
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Stunt Rigging Gregg Smrz
Oblivion Stunts & Rigging Robert Alonzo, Joey Box
Jack Reacher Stunts Paul Jennings, Robert Alonzo
The Dark Knight Rises Stunts Tom Struthers
Safe Stunts & Rigging Chad Stahelski, Brad Martin, & J.J. Perry
The Hunger Games Stunts & Rigging Chad Stahelski
Underworld: Awakening Stunts & Rigging Brad Martin
Transformers 3 Stunts Kenny Bates
Conan Stunt Rigging David Leitch / Noon Orsatti
The Mechanic Stunts, Stunt Rigging David Leitch / Noon Orsatti
Legion Stunts, Stunt Rigging John Medlen
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Stunts, Stunt Rigging R.A. Rondell
Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen Stunts, Stunt Rigging Kenny Bates
Race to Witch Mountain Stunt Rigging Scott Rogers
Frost / Nixon Stunt Rigging Rick Avery
Hunting and Fishing Stunts, Stunt Rigging Keith Adams
Tropic Thunder Stunts Brad Martin
Diamond Dog Stunts, Stunt Rigging Jeremy Fitzgerald
Rambo Stunts, Stunt Rigging Chad Stahelski / Noon Orsatti
Iron Man Stunt Rigging Tom Harper
Transformers Stunts Kenny Bates
The Kingdom Stunts Double Phil Neilson
Spider-Man 3 Stunt Double Scott Rogers
Shooter Stunt Fire Safety Damon Caro
Epic Movie Stunt Rigger Keith Adams
Letters from Iwo Jima Stunts Buddy Van Horn
Tenacious D in 'The Pick of Destiny' Stunt Rigger Rick Avery
The Prestige Stunt Rigger Rick Avery
World Trade Center Stunts Doug Coleman
Little Miss Sunshine Stunt Double Tom Harper
Poseidon Stunt Double Doug Coleman
10TH & WOLF Stunt Double Kerry Rossall
Yours, Mine and Ours Stunts, Stunt Rigging Ernie Orsatti
Serenity Stunts Chad Stahelski
Sky High Stunts Scott Rogers
Bewitched Stunt Rigging Doug Coleman
Cursed Stunt Rigging Rick Avery
In Good Company Stunt Rigging Ernie Orsatti
Christmas with the Kranks Stunts Ernie Orsatti
Anchorman Stunts Rick Avery
Spider-man 2 Stunts Scott Rogers
Cheaper By the Dozen Stunts Ernie Orsatti
The Battle of Shaker Heights Stunt Rigging Tom McComas
The Italian Job Stunts Kenny Bates
Blood Shot Stunt Rigging Tim Sitarz
Frank McKlusky, C.I. Stunts, Stunt Rigging Ernie Orsatti
Black Night Stunts, Stunt Rigging Ernie Orsatti
Moonlight* Stunt Rigging Noon Orsatti
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
NCIS: Los Angeles Stunts Troy Brown
Bones Stunt Double Tim Davison
Dollhouse Stunt Double Mike Massa
Heroes* Stunt Rigging Ian Quinn
Lost* Stunt Rigging John Medlen
Eli Stone Stunt Double Danny Weselis
Moonlight* Stunts, Stunt Rigging Noon Orsatti
The Unit Stunts Troy Brown
Standoff* Stunt Double Carrick O'Quinn
Brother & Sisters Stunt Double Shauna Duggins
Veronica Mars* Stunt Double Denney Pierce
House Stunt Rigging Jim Vickers
Day Break Stunt Double Danny Weselis
Vanished* Stunts Troy Brown
Night Stalker* Stunt Double Danny Weselis
Boston Legal* Stunt Double Tony Jefferson
Close to Home* Stunts Danny Weselis
The Closer Stunt Rigging Noon Orsatti
The Mullets Stunt Rigging Ernie Orsatti
The O’keefes Stunts Paul Short
Carnivale* Stunts Ernie Orsatti
Joan Of Arcadia Stunt Double Mike Justus
C.S.I. Miami Stunts Jim Vickers
Stop at nothing Stunts Noon Orsatti
Star Trek: Enterprise* Stunt Actor Vince Deadrick
Gilmore Girls Stunts Eric Norris
The District* Stunts Double Chris Howell
Roswell Stunt Rigging Tim Davison
Will and Grace Stunt Rigging Noon Orsatti
Buffy the Vampire Slayer* Stunts, Stunt Rigging John Medlen
Charmed* Stunt Double, Stunt Rigging Noon Orsatti
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Stunts, Stunt Rigging Noon Orsatti
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
EA Sports (Arena Football) Stunt Actor Justin Sundquist
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Special Skills
  • STUNT SKILLS: Air Rams, Air Ratchets, Rigging, Wire Work, Precision Driver, Firearms, Rappelling, Ground Ponder. RIGGING: Hand Pulls, Air Ratchets, and Wire Work.